Thursday, November 5, 2020

My first Stencil Designs!

 Hi Everyone,

I'm so is the launch day for my stencils designed for StencilGirl! 

MaryBeth Shaw and Carol at StencilGirl suggested that I design succulent shapes patterns. What's not to love? They are my favorite things in the garden and then some. 

All of my tutorials are on the StencilGirl blog 

Here's a video that I made about my inspirations for the designs

Helen Shafer Garcia Stencilgirl Inspirations

And I've created some tutorials for you at StencilGirl for each design. 

Without further adieu....

 I present  Filigree Sprigs, Echeverias, Echeveria Ballet

Order them at StencilGirl at the links below! 

Filigree Sprigs
Echeveria Ballet

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