Thursday, July 30, 2009

live radio... this Saturday!

I'll be on at 12 noon this Saturday August 1 for gary walker's show Gary's green tree world

with my friend Lori Mitchell. We're going to talk about art and nature. Tune in via the website or while you're driving around town.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New stuff

Well, it's about time I posted new stuff.

I took a workshop up at Idyllwild with my friend Margaret. The workshop was with Daniel Essig He's an amazing book artist whose work is on the cover of "The Penland book of Handmade Books"
The yellow and red book is my Wooden 4 needle Ethiopian stitch book that took 3 days to make. It's about 5 inches high. We constructed the book out of Mahogany wood, paper, and mica. The mica pages are so cool - we collaged images on the back of pieces of mica in a signature form. As you can see I was still working on the stitching when I took the photo of my book. Being the only left hander in the workshop was not fair..... but I'm used to it! I started my stitching on the top front cover instead of what Dan told us to do..... oh well. He suggested that we start stitching on the tail end of the book in case we screwed it up. My stitches started going a bit "off" before I caught on to the method. But I made it work!