Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ann in the yellow flowers

A couple of weeks ago our Tuesday morning hiking group hiked the east San Pasqual Valley trail  (the eastern portion of the San Pasqual Valley Agricultural trail in North San Diego County) for about 4 miles. We usually stop for a break and journal with pens and watercolors....and sometimes write poetry.
 this is my journal painting of Ann sitting ever so nicely next to the yellow flowers
 Here is Margaret Davis's energetic painting.....Margaret has a lot of good vibe energy!
 And Madeline's lovely painting....don't you love the yellow hat! 
Ann was sitting in front of us one the shady slope overlooking the valley. I'm on the left next to Madeline.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Elephant still life mini tutorial

Mini Tutorial 
Blue line still life with very cool wooden Indian elephant. 
In my Watercolor Pure  Basics class today at Fallbrook School of the Arts I demonstrated a blue line still life concept. I started out with a pencil drawing of the objects I had set up for the class in the afternoon light. A blue line was painted next over the pencil lines with cobalt blue watercolor.  This sets up uniformity with the  connective shapes. A background wash of yellow was painted next. While the yellow background shape was wet I started painting the plants, elephant, and planter, allowing the colors to flow out and blending with the background color. 
 Next .....glazes were added to positive and negative shapes to heighten color and value contrast. Colors were dropped in to shapes for clarity. 
the star was painted next along with a few other shapes....Leave the white of the paper for your lightest values! The demo is not finished yet......more glazes to come! 
 and of my students is are her cool is that? 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Create Mixed Media Blog Hop

This weekend is the blog hop for Create in Irvine just weeks away! Chicago Create is in August....come join the fun! Take a tour and visit all of the fabulous instructors blogs...listed below.

I'll be teaching 4 workshops at Irvine and 3 in Chicago.

And.....Artists Faire Night is Friday, June 1st from 6 to 9pm. I'll be there with oodles of Garcia goods to buy....monotypes, really cool papers for collage, handmade journals, cards and more...........
Collage Monotypes 
Crinkly Inkly Book

Inky Prints og 
And Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hot off the Press! 
The Summer issue of Studios Magazine is now available and I'm one of the featured artists!! 
My studio article starts on page 66 and follows with 3 more gorgeous  pages! Can you tell I'm excited? Jumping up and down occasionally..... here are a few cropped views to enjoy. Go out and buy an issue! Barnes and Noble will have it in soon......or just order it online....
 My old recycled  door to my studio. My husband found it in Santa Ana, CA ....from an old Victorian house. 
 Mexican old cloth covers my metal shelving that runs across one wall of the studio. The shelves hold wooden boxes for paints and mediums, baskets for journals, found objects and other assortments tucked into every other space......
and my view from my work table.....the little icons lined up the little wall are treasures I found in Mexico and gifts from friends.......

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Talmadge Show Tomorrow!

Putting the last minutes touches on for the Talmadge Show tomorrow  in San Diego! 
10am to 4pm
NTC Central Promenade at Liberty Station
2875 Dewey Road
San Diego, CA 92106

 Begin Within
 Owl Tree of Life
Teal Birds