Monday, January 10, 2022



I needed to nourish my soul with this creative out taking.  A few weeks ago, my hubby was working in Georgia as a contractor when he collapsed twice due to Pulmonary Embolisms that developed in both lungs. I was in CA at our home with my son. We called the paramedics. They arrived and transported him to the hospital where he spent 5 days in Critical Care. I flew out the next day. After given the ok with the Cardiologist, my son flew out and drove my hubby home through snow, winds, tornado warnings, a stolen catalytic converter, and rain. I had flown home. We are now all happy to be home together doing a bunch of nothing…just enjoying life. 

While visiting him in CC I walked by a door with the word “Nourishment”. Its not a word you see much these days and I found it that it covered all of the feelings I had been going through. We all need "nourishment" when times are difficult. It could be  a helping hand, a hug, a prayer,  or a creative output, these are the things that get us through difficulty. I felt this was the best action although I made a huge mess in my hubby's rented cabin! 

The first part of this journey is on Stencil Girl Talk starting on Jan. 10th. I designed 3 stencils based on my love of all things succulents! Tune in for that tutorial first. At the end of this blog post is my short video showing the completed book...scroll down....

I started out gluing Tyvek strips to the folds of each page to strengthen them. The old papers from the Westinghouse manual were a bit fragile. 

I made a jig to punch holes at the fold of each page using an awl that my 
friend Al Rodriguez made. 

The linen cover called out for color. Using water soluble pencils, I added bold colors to the stencil images. 

With all of the signatures lined up, I started the stitching. This is a French Link stitch method best described by Kristi here  and on her blog  You can even buy her a coffee while supporting her feed! 

The stitch involves "linking" the signatures together forming
 a wonderful pattern. 

I also added some embroidery to the cover. This will be an ongoing process for me...

and finally.. my book..enjoy...

Here's the link to my video

Saturday, December 11, 2021

December muses

 It has finally cooled down here in San Diego County, CA. Time for hot soups and yummy hot sandwiches.... but I digress...

Its time to contemplate things to do in 2022. I've updated my workshops and classes pages, along with a cool happening next weekend on December 19th 

Take a peek and ponder. website will have a whole new vibe soon. Details will be posted! 

New works...these will be for sale at the upcoming Pop up show in San Diego. I'm also developing a sales page on my beans! 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Its sale time!

All 3 of my online workshops are now on sale till the end of Monday night! Now through Monday (11/29) at midnight enjoy 15% off of my courses at Create Arts Online. It is very rare that we offer this extra deep discount. To receive this discount click here, chose your course, click on the words “add coupon,” and a box will appear where you can enter the code HOLIDAY15       Scroll down to see the details on my stencil designs!


All 3 of my stencil designs are now on sale through November 30! my Stencilgirl designs reflect my love for succulents and other weirdly wonderful plants!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Free live Round Table Tomorrow!

Are you ready to come spend an hour ~LIVE and for FREE~ with some of the most talented artists from Create Arts Online? My artist friends Laurie Mika, Sunny Carvalho,   Katherine England and I will be in a round table discussion about what we create and teach in the mixed media art world. This was all organized by our fab Create Arts Online leader Tami Macala. 

Tomorrow, November 19th at 11am Pacific time~2pm Eastern, we have been invited for a super fun event, Discover Fest 2021, from the people behind Discover Teachable.

We will discuss how they got our start, what materials we love to use, and how teaching our well honed and favorite techniques online has allowed us to reach students from all over the world.

There will be short demos on a few different techniques, discussions about our favorite supplies and materials, as well as showing off some of our favorite creations to inspire you. Each of these artists comes with over 20+ years of experience in their chosen medium.

You are in for a treat and to top it off we will have a very special Bonus Gift at the end to kick off the holiday season! If you miss this live event it will be available for replay including the bonus.

Click HERE to register and then join us at the designated time with your confirmation email you will receive when you register. We will send you a reminder when it gets closer just so you don’t miss out on this exciting event. 

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow November 19th at 11am PDT/ 2pm EDT!

This event will be available for replay, including the bonus after it has ended. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fall Ceramic Happenings

Fall Ceramic Happenings

My first attempt at making a creamer, spout and handle. Casey, our Studio guru, helped me make the handle. The spout? Only till after the bisque fire, then I'll find out if it works or not. 

Our clay slop can

Casey's work table....I feel right at home....note the red high heel shoes to the left. 

Little bunnies all lined up the Raku fire on Tuesday...and a crow with a hat...update on Instagram next week.....  follow me at henstudio 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Two New Online Classes!

 I'm pleased to announce my two new online courses for you! 

Sign up today at CreateArtsOnline.

when you  purchase both courses in the bundle you'll get a discount!                                                


Learning to See- Drawing in Journals


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

New Garden Installation

New Garcia Collaboration Hubby Jose and I designed and built this for our lower dry pond area. It's a chassis from an old truck minus parts that my husband stripped off with a welding torch. He added the wheel from a bike that my son John worked on. At the top..hard to see..but there are two more metal attachments. Part of an old hand truck that my Dad used. 
The video shows how heavy this thing was to carry! Scroll down to the end of this post to see my video of the guys moving this sculpture which weighed over 500 pounds. Our gardener Martin and Jose carried it from the front yard and used pulleys to hold it in place when it was cemented into the ground. My son adjusted the pulleys till it was time to add the concrete.
I made the ceramic pots for assorted plants while my husband handmade all of the chains and attachments. 

A true collaboration of love



Friday, July 16, 2021

Summer Musings

 So here we are in the thick of summer. My least favorite season. I spend my time gardening, (which means mostly watering), teaching, making stuff out of clay, and painting. And then there is the occasional house cleaning stuff....ha! Another least favorite thing to do. 

Be sure and check out my WORKSHOPS  and HAPPENINGS pages for details on where I'm headed next to teach and where I sell stuff. I have local CLASSES too.

I've been gearing up for the OMA plein Air festival in a couple of weeks. Here are my paintings so far....We have to have our canvas/paper stamped at the beginning of the week, then paint on location. Then, turn in our 2 best works on Friday for jurying.  

My Artist friend Deena and I