A Book of Wonder
The Big Journal
September 19 to 26

  Relax ,paint and explore in the wonderful, southern French  countryside with Helen Shafer Garcia and Lynn Leahy. 

We begin our journey in Durfort, France, an ancient copper mining town where townspeople still specialize in the creation of copper utensils.
We will stay in the village for eight days, living together in a charming, modernized, 17th century house called La Cascade due to the river and waterfall that are literally its back yard. 
All meals are included as we have our own personal chef..who cooks healthy meals utilizing the food from  farms in this region with regional wine parings at dinner.

Helen and Lynn will guide you artistically each day as we use collage methods and acrylics to create a large journal cover and interior pages…..techniques that you can continue when you return home and use daily to add to your personal story.
Lynn will provide the journal substrate and have you working on the exterior with papers, stamps and acrylics paints.You will explore painting loosely and drawing the human figure on the collaged surface.
Helen will continue this artistic path as you concentrate on the interior pages. She will bring into play; watercolors, drawing and more for a true mixed media experience. Each page will hold a different technique as you  work on canvas, paper and cloth. From drawing to print making, explore  this wonderful artistic experience as you make new friends and immerse yourself in the French culture.
Because we want your experience to be the best we can provide there will be excursions to explore the nearby towns. Not to be missed is the Saturday market in Revel. The town of Albi is close by and contains the Toulouse Lautrec museum which is a great place to gain artistic inspiration. From

Cathedrals to flea markets we will fit in as many cultural events as time allows.

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