Sunday, November 29, 2020

Filigree Sprigs

 So some weeks ago I announced my new StencilGirl Stencils...guess what? They are on sale! 

Today I'm sharing my Filigree Sprigs stencil tutorial with you. It's a small fun book to make with a great theme. Enjoy! 

Filigree Sprigs

I’m always looking for seedling and sprig shapes to include in my paintings and journal. I love the upward growth of plants in my garden. I constantly draw and paint succulents and other plants  with pencils and paint.  I designed these shapes based on seed pods and new growth on succulents. They can also represent ocean plants and seedlings. 

Now you have a great resource to use to explore and grow!

Filigree Sprigs Sea Book

Step 1. Start out with a decorative paper or make your own. 

I used Masa Paper, crumpled up and painted. 

Step 2. Stencil the decorative paper with Filigree Sprigs stencil. 

Tear the sheet into sections to create book pages. Double the width to fold in half after stenciling.

Step 3. I use Golden open acrylics on my stencils whenever possible. It’s easier to clean and I have a longer work time. Stencil the designs on top of the decorative paper, rotating the designs. I also flipped the stencil for reverse images. 

Step 4.  After folding the pages in half, select a couple of sheets of vellum. Cut to size and fold in half. 

Step. 5. Trace some of the filigree shapes onto the vellum with pencil. Use color pencils to fill in the shapes. Accent the outlines with a permanent ink pen. 

Step 6. Stack the pages one on top of the other while open. Poke 3 holes equal distant from each other at the fold through all the pages. 

Step 7. Thread a binding needle with thread. Use the illustration for your guide for sewing. Embellish with beads or buttons. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Fall in the Garden

 Feeling like I need a happy garden post so here it is! My Fall garden in San Diego County, CA is quite unique due to our delayed Fall weather. It's still warm to hot during the days but cooler at night. We had a bit of rain and hail a couple of weeks ago but I'm still watering ....

This Aloe's parent is over 60 years old. I started it from a cutting taken from Rancho Guajome when I was a docent gardener there. The unusual growth is called crested or monstrose cactus. 

                                          Mexican Sunflower Tithonia diversifolia 

This pot was made way, way back in the 70's during my hippy days...
can you see the dancing couple? 


Thursday, November 5, 2020

My first Stencil Designs!

 Hi Everyone,

I'm so is the launch day for my stencils designed for StencilGirl! 

MaryBeth Shaw and Carol at StencilGirl suggested that I design succulent shapes patterns. What's not to love? They are my favorite things in the garden and then some. 

All of my tutorials are on the StencilGirl blog 

Here's a video that I made about my inspirations for the designs

Helen Shafer Garcia Stencilgirl Inspirations

And I've created some tutorials for you at StencilGirl for each design. 

Without further adieu....

 I present  Filigree Sprigs, Echeverias, Echeveria Ballet

Order them at StencilGirl at the links below! 

Filigree Sprigs
Echeveria Ballet