Thursday, October 31, 2013

November News

November news.....

I'm flying to Kansas in a couple of weeks to Wichita for the Kansas National Watercolor Society Exhibition. My painting "Morning at Elfin was accepted! I also get to spend time with my hubby who's been working on a job nearby. I've never been to Wichita ....I love touring new places..

Teaching a one day workshop at
San Diego Botanic Garden on Sunday, November 10

Watercolor Batik Tree of Life 
Reach into the sky and create connections between branches and earth while creating universal Tree of Life themed mixed media paintings on Masa paper and canvas. A special batik-like technique with Masa rice paper will create wonderful textures and crevices for the paint to flow in to. You’ll play with colored pencils, ink lines and collage elements to further embellish your paintings. 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pastel and watercolor....

I saw a great demo this week at San Diego Watercolor Society given by Catherine Gill. She's a phenomenal plein air artist who works with Watercolor and pastel together.  I've worked with pastel and watercolor as a combo also so it was great to see another artist's version of the process. 

So with that in mind I gave some demos  combining the two mediums with my personal twist. 

The paper was soaked first in water for about 15 min. Pastel lines were drawn for shapes and color arrangement. rich charged watercolor washes were added....Catherine called it the ooze factor....

more watercolor and pastel combos added...all on wet paper. 

 This demo was based on fish hooks but they ended up becoming real fishy......same process with watercolor and pastels......

 and this last painting....not completed....was based on Wayne Thiebaud style of altering perspective angles. This time the paper was not soaked in water but I did start out wetting the paper and painting watercolor washes. Some pastel lines were added while the paper was wet. When the paper dried I started to add pastels using blending and layering techniques.