Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floating, twirling, bubble dots.....

I promised this post months ago and never got around to it....this was one of our hikes in April in the East County near Ramona and Escondido. My hiking buddies and I hiked down to this wonderful creek and painted by the water. Ann inspired us by describing how to write a list poem.......a poem that lists items, repeats a phrase, contents of something.....I love the concept! Enjoy......

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sequoias week

Just returned from the Sequoias where I taught watercolor at Montecito Family Camp. This year I set out to do at least 2 hikes in the afternoons.   
Big Stump Trail near the entrance to the park. Sad history for these majestic trees...felled for profit. The remains are still there in the gentle meadows. 

 Native Azaleas in front of an old giant hull of a Sequoia 
 Buena Vista Peak at 7,605 feet
 view of Kings Canyon
 Plein Air morning down at the lake 
 Thursday Morning Painters

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kindness Chronicles

Today on the first day of July I'm participating in the Kindness Chronicles, a theme presented to me by my friend Jane LaFazio. Here is the idea in her words:
"The Kindness Chronicles was inspired by my friend, Lyric Kinard's series of blog posts in December, with the theme of "Making the World a better place with the joy of service and finding beauty in kindness. are mine....
my friend made a special effort and stopped by my casa today...I'm recovering from a small surgery. We sat out in the garden chatting and relaxing. She brought me one of my favorite things...a Starbucks double shot latte....thank you Margaret!!

I finished up two classes recently. One of my students is in the wholesale and retail nursery business. My class went on a field trip to one of her nurseries, Oasis Water Efficient Gardens and painted on location. Its at a beautiful location in northern Escondido. I went overboard with excitement....I love succulents...everything about them Deena gave my about 10 plants as a gift for my garden...I was overjoyed...thank you Deena!

 Another Student from my Mixed Media class gave me this beautiful box with a precious bird's nest in it...what a kind gift!  Such a simple expression of gratitude....thank you Donna!