This is the current list of brushes and watercolor pigments that I use and recommend for my 
workshops and classes. 

Brushes: At least 2 round watercolor brushes:  #14, #12, or #10. I recommend Golden Fleece brushes made by Cheap Joe’s or Robert Simmons “Expression Rounds”. 
1 or more acrylic #10 or #12 round or flat brushes for collage and other mixed media approaches. 

Paints: Buy tubes of Transparent to Translucent watercolor pigment, Professional Quality. Large tubes are more economical. Good brands are: Winsor Newton (NOT Cotman), Grumbacher’s finest (NOT Academy), Da Vinci, Holbein, Daniel Smith, American Journey (available only through Cheap Joe's catalog), M. Graham and Sennelier. At the end of this list are my favorite opaques made by Holbien. 

Pigments: If you are on a limited budget, buy the 3 primaries: Cadmium  Yellow light or Hansa yellow, Quinacridone Rose or Quinacridone Red and Ultramarine Blue. If you already have some watercolor paints consider the full palette listed below or bring your personalized palette of hues.

Full Palette:
Hansa Yellow light
Cadmium Yellow light 
Quinacridone Red
Quinacridone Rose 
Quinacridone Gold 
Quinacridone Burnt Sienna or Burnt Sienna 
Cobalt Turquoise light 
Sap Green 
Phthalo Green 
Carbazole Violet 
Ultramarine Blue or French Ultramarine 
Manganese Blue 
When you ready to spend more money on beautiful paints try these:
Cobalt  Turquoise light 
Phthalo Blue 
Cerulean Blue 
Ultramarine Violet 
Moonglow (Daniel Smith)
Leaf Green (Holbien)

Holbien opaques
Juane Brilliant 1
Compose green 1
Brilliant Pink
Horizon Blue
Compose Blue

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