Friday, June 28, 2019

Flying high

I'm still flying high from all of my grand adventures over the past few months.
My latest trip was to  Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts - a Wellspring of Creativity in Arts and Crafts, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.
 I taught 3 wonderful workshops there...what a beautiful town and art destination!
Thanks to all who took my workshops and to the outstanding staff!

I shall return next year to teach..... the grounds include cabins from the early 1800's, amazing gardens complete with a stream down the middle, lodging in historic stone buildings on site, and a complete blacksmith shop!

....scroll down for the next adventure to a brewery turned into a magnificent pottery studio, galleries, and more......

 Converted auto repair shop

  Diana and Tom Johnston bought this old 1850 limestone brewery years ago and converted it into a magnificent space filled with art. They are master potters...they even have a gas kiln inside the building! Unheard of in California. Brewery Pottery is one of the coolest places I've been to...I have to say....
keep scrolling down for the adventure....

 so...behind this door on the right was an adventure my friend Laura and I decided to take on with permission from the owner, Diana. This door led to caverns lower than the basement where the beer was kept at an even temp. It was really creepy cool! We walked very carefully using our phone flashlights and discovered the beginnings of stalactites on the floor in the back chamber. There were also the remains of small chipmunks but we didn't see any bats. Natural springs still meander down on the floor and moisture seeps through the walls!

that same evening we found the old lead mines in town along with the ever popular Cheese trail...after all....Wisconsin is the cheesiest! Drinks and Pizza polished off the grand adventure...till next time Laura! 

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