Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Art I come

Hola everyone!
I'm gearing up for my workshops at Art Unraveled starting on towards the end of next week. The vendor show is Saturday, August 3. I'm packing my car with clay goodies and paintings for sale....and I still have room in my workshops so take a look!

Beasties ...I'm painting the glazes and all will be fired at cone 6. 

These unglazed works are parts for my totems that stack on a metal pole. They will be glazed today and fired again in the kiln soon.

You buy the individual pieces to design your own totem. I've started an oceanic theme this summer!  I'll have poles available at the vendor show.


 .                                              Natural Curiosities Journaling
                                                              only 3 spots left! 

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