Thursday, December 17, 2020

Oak Tree Dr - Remembrance sculpture in my garden

 Sometimes you need to create as part of the healing process. It's been a tough couple of years with the passing of my Mom and Dad. Earlier this year, my Mom died at the age of 95 during the time of Covid so we could not have any services. My Dad died 4 years ago. 

I started this assemblage sculpture with a branch from one of our 150 year CA coastal live oaks at our family house. I brought it home, let it sit for the longest time until I decided what to do with it. The twist of the branch is quite beautiful. My hubby and I took off all of the bark, sanded, and varnished the wood. That slow process was comforting in a way..chipping away the grief. 

I started thinking about what to do with branch, what it needed to become. Birds are always one of my favorite things to draw and sculpt. Each bird has a different design and counts as members of my family. My sister thought of that..when I made the birds I didn't have that connection...thank you Nancy. 

When we were clearing out the garage at the family home I asked my brother if we could take the old vacuum cleaner base out of the garage. He said "what do you want that for?" "What are you going to do with that?"...he's a very practical guy. Of course he said that many more times to me while we were clearing out our beloved home for sale...yea..I love found objects..what can I say...

The vacuum was a built in system throughout the they even make those any more? My hubby Jose added sand in the bottom of the canister for weight and made the marvelous connections for all the birds, wood and base. Thank you my husband of many years. 

The home is sold now...52 years of memories. 


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