Thursday, May 28, 2020

We are like sheep

Anger. Anger is everywhere these days. My friend Jen Cushman encountered an incident in her hometown that displayed the current state of emotions in our country. She told the story about a woman who displayed anger in a public place.
I've been thinking about current events and thoughts came about how I deal with anger. Sometimes it's through my artwork. When I was in college my first car, a 1963 blue chevy impala was stolen out of the dorm parking lot. The police found my car My hubby and my father fixed the engine and everything else for me. I drove that car till it fell apart. That's what Shafers do. No trade ins for us! So, from that experience I designed a board game for my illustration class...all about stolen cars.
Today I went up the ceramics studio to do some work. I was going to make more birds for an outdoor sculpture. Anger set in over the day's political events streaming from my I Phone. so.... I switched gears and started working on a boat with some figures.
I decided to morph the figures into sheep ...sheep ears. As I worked the second and third figures I became angry with the way the faces were coming out. It occurred to me that if I covered the eyes a bit it would solve the problem....ah ha! The wool pulled over their eyes!
So, here is the greenware stage of the work.....yet to be fired and glazed in the kiln.
We shall see where that anger leads.........who knows...this might turn out to be the prototype for something bigger.....

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