Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Healing Garden

My garden has been a healing place for me since my Mom's death. I've spent hours weeding, planting and mending. There is still work to be done, gardens are never "finished". My hope is to share this with my future students when I open up my studio and garden for workshops. I'll keep you posted!

The garden is full of new life. We've had an impressive amount of rain, more than we've had in years.
Mom loved the rain.......


My nephew flew this Buddha from Japan for me while he was stationed there for the Navy
do you see my little friend in the foreground? He was made by a disabled student at Palomar College. I made the clay house in high school! 

My Irises are blooming from my friend Chris Clark...thanks friend!

                My first Epiphyllum bloom for spring!

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