Monday, May 9, 2016

Rancho Bellota workshop in Baja Mexico

Just returned from Rancho Bellota in Baja, Mexico....the whole experience was incredible and enchanting as always......I've written about the ranch before in an earlier post...and I must say that I'm still on an natural high...this ranch is so special to my heart. Think about joining me next year about the same time for the experience of a lifetime. 

 the road to the ranch

 Guadalupe Valley 

a Trip to a couple of Guadalupe Valley Wineries..this valley has become the number 1 destination for Mexican Tourists. 

 our Plein Air day in La Bellota Canyon

the ranch cabins

Classical Guitarist Gerardo Valderrama played for us after dinner on Saturday night     

 a hike to La Bellota Canyon dry waterfall

 these guinea hens were brought in as guards for the chickens on the ranch...they make crazy noise if they are frightened.....

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