Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Huntington Gardens

It was a beautiful day at Huntington Gardens in Pasadena,CA 
My nephew and I strolled through Art, Gardens, and Library collections

Enjoy the sites and maybe someday you'll be able to visit......and Happy New Year! 

A close up of a Robert Rauschenburg collage

Walks through the Gardens.........

"Campo Santo"  Maynard Dixon   oil 
Henrietta Shore...a pioneer of Modernism .. ... I love her work for obvious reasons...she studied with Robert Henri and was close friends with Edward Weston. She lived in Los Angeles  CA for a while,,,Weston was quoted as saying "Every time I see that cactus, I have renewed emotion, its a great painting"
"Still Life with Green Chair" Roger Medearis    1950    Egg Tempera on Board

so many rare delights for the book artist 

a color guide for White of the color formulas reads
 Purplish White: Animal- junction of the neck and back of a Kitliwake Gull; Vegetable- white Geranium or Stork's Bill; Mineral- Arragonite .....I'm so glad I have tubes of paint ready made!

Book binding masterpieces

Color etching of Grand Canyon
Interesting perspective guide

Ice Crystal Illustration

Oddities in the Animal Kingdom

a "pop up" guide to the human body

and...I just liked the expression on this guy's face....not sure what he's describing but its cool....

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