Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Off to New Zealand!

just a few painting demos and a slice of a fundraiser event to share with you before I fly out over the ocean tonight to New Zealand!
 This is my attempt at a portrait of Don Strom. (here's a little info about Don written by my good friend Jane LaFazio)...I'm not a portrait artist but I gave it a shot! Its just the beginning of the painting....charcoal drawing with acrylic warm washes. 
 The semi completed section for Brandon Gallery's Inch by Inch fundraiser. Here are the details.....
this pastel has an watercolor underpainting...one of my former    students ....Sue....
and a 2 part demo for you......Masa paper watercolor with a wet into wet approach. The paper was glued down to a regular peice of watercolor paper for support. 
and here is the next step.....negative painting for the most part. I used white gouche too to build up some lighter values around the pattern....I'm taking it with me on the trip....so...you'll get to see the results..
Till then!


Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

Really like the portrait and what a delicious mix of colour . . . the puple and green!

Where in NZ will you be Helen? Not that I can take time of work to attend any workshops. Too sad. :(

Cally said...

Very much looking forward to seeing you, and learning from you. Also scared - I have a tremendous lot to learn!

Jane LaFazio said...

Oh! Helen, how totally sweet a portrait of don and the link. I'm grinning and don will be so pleased. Xoxo
Bon voyage