Friday, June 28, 2013

Back from the land of the Kiwis

Kia ora
greetings from New Zealand
I've just returned from a windy and wild trip to New Zealand where I taught two book arts workshops with my nephew's poster paint set because my luggage was left in Wellington due to a Gale, survived a Polar Blast in Wellington,  shopped till I dropped with my friend Karin, hiked through the rainy bush to find incredible  NZ birds, visited museums and a botanical garden, stayed with my brother's family and ate incredible home cooked organic fresh meals (thank you Angela and Alex!)  and did I in used book stores and antique stores? Oh heaven......
Journal posts ...this was a post that was started on the flight to Wellington
and this was fun...I started out with a photo collage of a Kea and drew outward. Karin showed me how to draw this fun Zentangle pattern on  the right. It started out with a shape that we traced in the Children's activity center at Te Papa. 
24 hours of waiting out the Gale in Wellington...this was the waiting lounge at the airport...our flight and all flights were canceled due to 100 mile+ winds and rain. The announcer at the airport politely told everyone to "go Home" .....hummmmmm
The red piano at Te Papa.....Karin and I waited all day at Te Papa due to the delay on our second attempt to fly and take a train to Auckland. We spent the day drinking flat whites, journaling....eating treats and lunch....journaling......
a beautiful paper design from my Sunday Book Arts Workshop for the Association of Book Crafts New Zealand

Tiri Tiri Mantangi Island...a rare bird Sanctuary in the North Island...go on the guided tour with "Donald" ....the best guide ever! 

Zealandia Wellington...a fantastic rare bird Sanctuary
and of my many, many flat whites....expresso shots with steamed cream .....yummy!! 


North County Film Club said...

What a stressful start to a fascinating trip!
Of course what would I zero in on--but zentangles. That pattern is one of my very favorites. Isn't "tangling" perfect when you're stressed?
Can't wait for your next class in Fallbrook. I was so disappointed that I missed the last one.

Cally said...

Thank you so much for the workshops - you are an inspiring and practical teacher - what more can one ask for :)