Friday, February 12, 2010

Won't you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day!
I'll be in Palm Springs at The Talmadge Show
on Sunday February 14th from 10am to 4pm.
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Jane LaFazio said...

oh! how did it go in Palm Springs? Was the weather divine?

Helen said...

Yes! The weather was prefectly fab! Snow on the mountains, sunny warm day....Slow sales though....too many other shows, openings, bike run, half marathon.....
We had a great time...Laurie Mika and Jeannie Moore
stopped by.

North County Film Club said...

Helen, I loved going through your whole blog. I've visited before but this time I took the whole tour. It was like going to a show of all your beautiful paintings. Lunch yesterday was so much fun. I hope I didn't talk too much! I'd love to hear about your trip to Japan some day. On your Mar.29,2008 post you have two perfect Sepia Saturday photos. Also the wedding invitation looks a little like a zentangle. Hope to see you soon.

Helen said...

Thanks Barbara! I loved our lunch visit last week. It was great getting to know you and your sister a bit more. Lovely!