Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Grace is everywhere"

"Grace is everywhere"
Originally uploaded by Agave Latte
A new painting detail- a painting I finally finished for my friend Vivian.
Mucho colors with a passion fruit flower, kitty, hummers and flowers!


Norma JN said...

¡QuĂ© lindo! Is it done on masa paper?

Helen said...


Vivian Varela said...

And I LOVE it:-)! It looks wonderful hanging with the other two you've done for me. I posted a picture of the three in my Facebook account. During this opening week of the semester, whenever I was stressed I turned to look at your work and I smiled. Thanks again Helen!

Helen said...

and thank you Vivian for all of your wonderous work on my Website!

Jane LaFazio said...

lovely. great title too!