Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer Workshops

Been so long since I've posted...yikes! Lots of great workshops coming up in the San Diego Area and Phoenix, Arizona in August. 

In September I'm off to Spain and France where I'll be co teaching with Lynn Leahy in Southern France at La Cascade.
my new Plump Totem Birds

I've been gearing up with new ceramics goods and paintings for the vender show for Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Arizona August 4

plus..... I'm teaching some awesome workshops 

Watercolor and Block Prints Full
Ancient Ones
Illuminated  Ledger Book

My local workshops are also  listed on my Workshops page but here is just a reminder! 

Athenaeum School of the Arts 
Bread and Salt Building in San Diego
Watermedia and Ink for Book Structures 
August 13 - 16

                                                student works

Fallbrook School of the Arts
Drawing the Lines with Color Pencils and Pens

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