Sunday, July 9, 2017

the wonder of wonder bread

Here's a great tutorial for watercolor- painting a complex folded shape. 

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After drawing all of the details out with pencil I started with a grey underpainting using ultramarine blue and orange. This gives a full value scale and maps out the highlights. Sometimes it helps to see the folds like hills and valleys.....There was a lot of white of the paper to save! I painted the bread shapes next, carefully saving the plastic highlights. 

Further development on the darks was in order...and the fun began when I painted the dots! Do you see the sliding dots? 

Painted more dots and started painting the letters, each one glazed over the underpainting. I also dropped in color below the bread, anchoring the bread to the surface, creating darker values and color reflections. 

and "ta da" ....a wondrous wonder bread painting! 


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KristyB said...

So many good things about this -- good painting and good childhood associations! Thanks for breaking down your process.