Sunday, July 3, 2016

Artful days at Random Arts

 I taught in North Carolina recently at Random Arts in Saluda...just south of Asheville. Cheers to Great students, great hostess Jane Powell, and the best artful atmosphere! Thanks everyone! 

 My demo for color pencil journaling

 This workshop was called "Featured Adornments"....Masa paper watercolor painting, drawing lesson on face proportions, value, and colors. And not to mention a wild, wonderful big hair do with an attitude! 

My demo....not finished ....owl on the left side, bumble bees abound, and of course...I put a bird on it! 

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Pat Mathes said...

Awesome pictures. Inspiring me to get my journal out. I loved your teaching on the colored pencil journal art - my Tombows are begging me to start!!