Monday, August 3, 2015

Artists in Amsterdam

Just returned home from of art, bikes, trolleys, amazing food and cappuccinos, canals, canal boats,and flowers. 
Our tour was led by my niece Amberley, who led us like a great mother hen around the city and museums....I learned so much more with her insight about the architecture, art and history. 

Amsterdam is a place where forward thinkers, artists, and innovators thrive. It has such a rich and amazing history...perhaps you'd like to go with us next year? Amberley and I are considering a tour next July....let us know if you are interested! 
I'll post more images soon...much more to see....

 Amberley and the Captain of our personal antique canal boat
 Toni admiring the canals
Our boat.... the Stern, built in 1920 by order of the board of the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company  

Day 2....tour of the Rijks much to much beauty to behold. 


sonja said...

Thank you for photos on your recent trip to amsterdam .
how great your niece could make it even better.
Your tour and boating must have been a wonderful in July and seeing some of the old masters' work- priceless!

alrod said...

Looks like a possibility for an "Amigos" trip! Josie and I were there in 1968 (were you born yet?) chaperoning a group of US teenagers on an 8-week tour of Europe. Would love to see the city again and all the art. Let's talk about it the next time we're together (Amigos).