Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Luminous Shafer Photos

My lovely and talented niece Amberley Shafer is a photographer. She came to my home and took these incredible photos in the garden looking through the pieces of glass to find lost edge compositions. These photos were included in an article for her Photography Mentoring Group. Here is what the editor wrote about her works.......

"We don’t hear from our Amsterdam member Amberley Shafer as
often as we like, but it seems she has been traveling a lot - from her
home in Holland to USA and then her birthplace, New Zealand.
Whilst she was in USA, she visited her aunty Helen Shafer Garcia, a noted artist
who describes herself as “a water media and pastel painter who also works in
mixed media, book arts and assemblage”.
Helen’s studio was featured in a four page feature in “Studios” magazine in
Summer 2012, and it was this studio where Amberley turned her camera for
images like these four she sent us"-   Ken Ball

And these luminous images were also included in a newsletter...here's what Amberley had to say about the works
Amberley says:
"After having completed a 10 day meditation course last month in New Zealand, the concepts of
interconnectedness and balance have been at the forefront of my mind. Trying to depict these
concepts visually was the next challenge…….…...in these photos I've used the traditional light and dark of the Yin & Yang symbol and the textural
layers to represent the complexity and entanglement of interconnectedness that can make it so
difficult to unravel and understand."

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