Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spiky flower tutorial

February is already in full swing and I'm offering a fab workshop at San Diego Botanic Garden in a couple of weeks on Sunday, February 23
9:30 am – 4 pm

Here are the correct details....

Water Color Fusion 

This process will allow you to discover ways to define the shapes of growing things with contrast and brilliant colors. Part of the beauty of this technique is revealing some of the underlining  botanical imagery once the paint settles  in selected spots. Metaphors and messages can play a whimsical or thoughtful role in your finished piece with added bits of collage and text.  Paint on a smooth hot pressed watercolor paper for a vibrant look. Work with some very contemporary, good vibe iridescent, interference, and opaque watercolor techniques to further enhance and embellish the surface.

And here's a mini tutorial  that I created  last week in one of my local Watercolor classes.
I started with a wet into wet background with mostly cool colors. The paper was moistened for over a minute and I made sure it was well saturated. 
When the background was dry I painted the leaves, stems and buds with dropped in color
...shape by shape. Sometimes I let the colors fuse between the shapes. 
Then I committed a  sin...I used white ink!( Daler Rowney Pro White opaque watercolour) This used to be a bad no-no in transparent watercolor school. It feels so decadent to use opaque hues! Forgive me, for I have sinned.....he, he, he...

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Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how bound to the rules we can be? I understand why it's good to learn technique with a few rules, but breaking them can be so fun. I love the decadently sinful white you added!