Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kansas Vellum Monotype Tutorial

Just returned from Kansas where I spend a wonderful week with my husband. Kansas held some interesting and surprising  sites for me. Walking in the snow, learning how to layer to stay warm, learning how to walk without slipping on ice, starting our old Honda with key "issues", finding many old treasures at antique stores (which will now have to be shipped by my hubby).........

I had time to create a mini Vellum Monotype overlay tutorial for you....enjoy!

 I started out with a Watercolor Monotype that I had created some months ago called "Flight of the Hummingbird" My friend Jane LaFazio inspired me to play with the vellum overlay is her tutorial 
 This is a sheet of Vellum. I bought a ream of it locally at Kelly Paper. You can find Vellum at most Stationary websites too. I used a felt typed Sharpie Stylo  marker pen to trace out shapes from the monotype. The next step is to color the shapes with colored pencils. 
Here's a look at the tracing process....note how I repeated the shapes in a different pattern than the original monotype.  
 More shapes traced in different areas....
 The finished overlay....the left side curly red shapes took off on it's own! Doodling often does that to you!

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Jane LaFazio said...

fabulous fun! thanks for the mention, dear Helen!