Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Agave Light Tutorial #2

Happy Holidays Everyone! are the next steps in my 22" x 30" painting called "Agave Light" The reference photos were taken a couple of years ago in my town at a country stop sign intersection. There was a row of giant agaves with beautiful bougainvillea  blossoms intertwined throughout the big grey green leaves. Great cast shadows were abundant.  A must paint situation. This is acculally the second large painting I've completed of this same corner of agaves. My friend Carolyn owns the first one in the series! 

 I painted the negative spaces with greens, blues and then the right moment...dropped in some reds in the middle section. The bougainvillea blossoms were painted as individual shapes of dropped in color. 
and here you can see the  almost  finished bougainvillea blossoms 
  I also darkened the right side vertical cast shadow on the agave leaf. It wasn't showing enough contrast before.....
 On this side I used more yellow in the dropped in color blossom area along with the pinks. 
 I decided to leave more lost edges on this side to show off more of the yellow succulent blossoms.
And here it is...finished! 


Shells said...

Beautiful work.

Jane LaFazio said...

Just GORGEOUS Helen! What size is it?

Helen said...

Full sheet 22x30
Tks Jane!

AGAVE E CIA said...

I love agave

AGAVE E CIA said...

I love Agave.