Saturday, August 25, 2012

The perfect day in every way..

Jane LaFazio and I spent Tuesday in Chicago before we began teaching at Create. It was the perfect day...light breeze...perfect temp. We took the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise...Highly recommended! 

 We posed ....."yoga in public places" at "Cloud Gate" Millennium Park near the Art Institute
as you can see...Jane is much better at it than I.....hey...I tried! 

and this incredible mosaic tile instillation is at Marquette Building. 


North County Film Club said...

Hi Helen and Jane,
Nancy and I took that architectural tour last time we were in Chicago. It was great. Wish we were there with you.
Hope you have a great time and wonderful classes!

Helen said...

Thanks you guys!
Hope you can join us for our next retreat in Santa Fe New Mexico!