Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kindness Chronicles

Today on the first day of July I'm participating in the Kindness Chronicles, a theme presented to me by my friend Jane LaFazio. Here is the idea in her words:
"The Kindness Chronicles was inspired by my friend, Lyric Kinard's series of blog posts in December, with the theme of "Making the World a better place with the joy of service and finding beauty in kindness. are mine....
my friend made a special effort and stopped by my casa today...I'm recovering from a small surgery. We sat out in the garden chatting and relaxing. She brought me one of my favorite things...a Starbucks double shot latte....thank you Margaret!!

I finished up two classes recently. One of my students is in the wholesale and retail nursery business. My class went on a field trip to one of her nurseries, Oasis Water Efficient Gardens and painted on location. Its at a beautiful location in northern Escondido. I went overboard with excitement....I love succulents...everything about them Deena gave my about 10 plants as a gift for my garden...I was overjoyed...thank you Deena!

 Another Student from my Mixed Media class gave me this beautiful box with a precious bird's nest in it...what a kind gift!  Such a simple expression of gratitude....thank you Donna!

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