Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Owl Prince" 
Helen Shafer Garcia

Planed and Folded Wooden Book
 Off to Random Arts next week to teach some fab workshops  on August 8,9,10 in Saluda, North Carolina! "Owl Prince" is a sample work for Color Pencil Surfaces. He is a youngster so I thought he should be a Prince with his grand crown. Come join us at Random Arts for these great workshops!
Mr. Organic Crow

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Juneau in June

Alaska has always been on my bucket list so when my friends Mary and Margie invited me to teach up in Juneau I jumped on it! The gals were beyond gracious and excellent hosts. They took my friend Beth and I everywhere ...the best trails...the best coffee joints...the best tram...well ...the only tram in town! I captured some of our adventures in my journal...and some photos as well.......enjoy...

 Journaling at Jenson-Olson Arboretum 
Mary, one of my hosts, is hidden by the pink lilac bush....the island in the background is the Shrine of St. Therese...we held the workshop in one of the cabins on the shoreline. 

here's our workshop students...happy campers! 

the City Museum held an exhibit called "The Empty Chair" about the forced resettlement of the Japanese community in Juneau. The artist invited people to make paper cranes as part of the assemblage. My friend Beth and I failed origami......but we tried! ...we blamed the instructions.....
finding the best coffee cups to collage.....
Mary took us to the Gold mining museum and Maggie took us to dinner after a hike. 
This is a combo of the two places...
and here are two guys that really were not sitting together in the restaurant. 
Waiting for our whale watching tour...
our hike at the timberline on Mt. Roberts
Harv and Marv's whale watching tour was the best! Small fast boat...there were only 5 of us including our wonderful and kind Captain Steve.  Highly recommended! Yes...that is a pod of Orcas! 

11:30 at night....summer solstice 
Thanks again Margie and Mary for a fantastic week in Juneau! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Images from Idaho

Spent a glorious week near Sandpoint, Idaho with art friends who are so gifted and just super nice! We created paintings at Catherine Earle's workshop for 3 days, shopped till we dropped for Johnny Was clothes, ate beautifully presented meals by our host, Donna Stewart in her gorgeous mountain hilltop home, worked in our journals, hiked after a picnic on the beach.....shall I go on? What a perfect week! Life is good........
Catherine just opened her solo show at Art Spirit Gallery....beautiful works!

Heads up on my gigs for the rest of year...sign up soon!
Random Arts, Saluda, North Carolina
Create Chicago
Create Texas
Create Seattle

working on my paintings created with Catherine's techniques

Our art gang...Deena, Catherine, and Donna...oh and me! 
Donna's lilacs in her mountain home
Donna's grilled Copper River Salmon dinner...did I mention that she's a master chef? 

Catherine's kitty
Farmer's market day
Mineral Bay on  Pend Oreille Lake
Hike above the bay

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our spring has been a challenge in the San Diego area with the drought and last week's fires. We are thankful that we didn't need to evacuate. Some of our friends did but thankfully, they returned to their homes which were untouched by the fires.

I was the guest demonstrator for the San Diego Watercolor Society the night before the fires started. I shared my techniques with a enthusiastic crowd. I worked on this painting some more later in the week...

I started with a value drawing in my journal. I love to draw and it's important to me to develop a value and shape arrangement. this painting started with pencil lines and  a couple of Tombow pens. The pens are water soluble  and make lovely value changes as an underpainting. I used a dark blue pen which cooled off a major area of the shapes. 

The  photo was taken at my friend's casa. Donna Stewart served a beautiful luncheon on her outdoor metal table. This was the centerpiece....fruit from her garden on a glass plate. There were holes in the table top so I repeated some of them as a random pattern. There were great shadow patterns that ran across the surfaces....that added to the challenge! 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crinkly Birds and Teacups

Happy Spring to All! 
A selection of student works ....and mine....

I taught a wonderful class at Art and Soul Portland called "Crinkly Birds"....I must say these birds have attitude! 

and a selection of works from my Fallbrook Watercolor Collage classes will return in the Fall.
Watercolor Journaling
Mixed Media Explorations


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Watercolor collage class

My Fallbrook School of the Arts Watercolor Collage Students are creating some tremendous works and we've only just begun. On monday, we  took unfortunate, crummy, bad watercolor paintings and cut them up into small tiles. Boy, did that feel good! We all shared tiles and  seperated them by colors. Everyone had already painted a sheet of watercolor paper with a dark color, some with a metallic. This was our gluing surface.
 We started with a figurative image for a focal point. I showed them Laurie Mika's wondrous polymer works as examples.( Laurie and I are traveling to San Miguel de Allende along with Jane LaFazio and Lynn Leahy in October for our sold out Tesoro del Corazon  retreat!)
Here's a close up of the figure along with some ephemera. (note the coffee theme). We painted Daniel Smith's Transparent Watercolor ground over the figure. Once its dry, you can paint over the top to create tints.
You can also glaze over the tops of tile portions to tone down areas. I painted purple around the blue center pieces beneath the figure.
and here are fine examples of students work....beginning stages.....I can't wait to see the results.....

Monday, March 24, 2014

a Perfect Artful Day

my art buddies Deena Altman  ( Altman Plants)and Donna Stewart (Silver Spoon Chef) invited me for an afternoon of color, pattern,  food heaven, and crazy fun painting. We started out at one of Deena's wholesale succulent nurseries. Acres of amazing succulent shapes...I was on visual overload! 

                         Donna and Deena on top of  the hill filled with agaves and like minded plants

                           Thank you Deena!
           Next stop....Donna's casa where she whipped up a wonderful Kale, Bacon, Strawberries and pumpkin seed salad....oh...heaven....and look at our place cards....stones with our beautifully arranged.... Thank you Donna!

     and the last leg of our adventure...liquid acrylic on full sheets, drips, brush strokes water sprays, and alcohol drips....the beginnings of something grand......