Monday, October 27, 2014

Artists in Amsterdam

Exciting News!
My new workshop tour for Artists in Amsterdam  July 22 - 30 2015  has just been posted! I'm collaborating with my niece Amberley Shafer who lives in Amsterdam and runs a tour company. What a perfect combo! 

Take a look on my new page Workshops 2015 for all the info you'll need to sign up....I'll send you the registration form when you email me. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seattle bound in a few weeks...

Just finished up my workshops in Texas for Create Mixed Media Retreats! 

I'll be up at Seattle starting October 22....teaching 3 wonderful workshops. Sign up soon! 

Wednesday Animal Cracker Portraits

Friday   Color Pencil Surfaces

Thursday Planed and Folded Wooden Book  

Here are some student examples of our great retreat in Texas...wonderful works...thanks dear students!! 

and my color pencil journal page....


couldn't resist sitting in this Alice in Wonderland chair at our hotel! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

a Traditional Underpainting for a Untraditional Painting

Here's a demo from my Watercolor College Class at Palomar College in North San Diego County. I started out with a Bistre...(explanation below)....underpainting. I used a traditional earth color, Burnt Sienna for the hue because I didn't have the time to boil the soot of wood.....just kidding! Burnt Sienna is a fine substitute for the process. I also suggested Raw Sienna for students who had a great deal of greens in their composition. This will allow the greens to glow. 

The glazes were broken up into 3 value steps...light, middle, and dark values. 
A Bistre "is a brown pigment made from boiling the soot of wood. Because bistre is transparent and has no body, it is frequently used in conjunction with pen and ink drawings as a wash, a liquid spread evenly to suggest shadows, and is especially associated with the appearance of the typical “old master drawing.”
It was used to its greatest effect in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the bistre wash was especially favoured by such artists as Rembrandt, Claude Lorrain, Alexander Cozens, and Thomas Gainsborough. The pigment is also used by miniaturists." Encyclopedia Britannica

The dark values are added.....almost....this was a demo so I really had to generalize the details....
and a view of the set up....lousy lighting in the classroom by the way......but a good lesson....
and here is the start of the color you can see I have more work to do. Tomorrow the class continues and I will return to this painting.....till then.....

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Asheville on my mind

Asheville, North Carolina.......
spent a wonderful August week with my cousin Steve and his partner Chris. I taught watermedia and color pencil workshops at Random Arts over that weekend too...had a marvelous time with Jane Powell and friends! 
Fall Classes and Workshops are starting very soon! Take a look at my offerings and sign up! 

a Steve Parker Design 

Pickers (Steve and Chris) at Cline's Antiques in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Objective....find neat rusty metal stuff...
Essential gear- buckets, big canvas bags, socks, bug spray, sun screen lotion, gloves, big hats, ice chest with snacks, ice water, and wet rags for your neck...this was hard work, not for the weak or neat freak type person....! 
acres of neat stuff.....

my stash....5 dollars! 
then we had to fit our treasures in the trunk....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Create Chicago workshops

Oh what fun we had at Create Chicago....
My workshops were filled with happy campers....we let the creativity flow....
thanks to everyone for a great week!

 a beautiful 3 mile hike before my workshops started.......

 Color pencil journaling

 Animal Cracker Portraits.....

 Planed and Folded Wooden Book