Saturday, March 24, 2012

our mini workshop for San Miguel de Allende

Laurie MikaJane La Fazio, Leslie Harris, Lynn Leahy, and I spent a wonderful day together in my garden last week creating the book pages for our Tesoro del Corazon project that we will be teaching this Fall in San Miguel de Allende. These gals had way too much fun painting paste papers and crinkling Masa paper! Our reatreat is full this year and many are on the wait list. Be sure and keep in touch by signing up for our blog posts about a future retreat in 2013!  


Karen Cole said...

YES!!! I've already told Laurie but I will mention it here as well, please let me know about 2013!!!

Congrats on your show!!

Helen said...

Thanks Karen! I had a lovely reception yesterday.
And yes...please visit and sign up for our blog for 2013!