Friday, September 2, 2011

Create Monotypes!

Huge exciting news! My first article has been published for the premier eMag Cloth Paper Scissors available now!! The articles are interactive and fun! Plus, I have a tutorial can even hear all of my bracelets clanking away while I work!

Plus.......Here are some examples of student works  from my Monotypes workshop held in Chicago for Create

Thanks to all!!


North County Film Club said...

They're all wonderful! It looks like it was fun.
P.S. See you on the 15th.

Carol C said...

I found you from the CPS emag! Love your work!

Helen said...

Thanks Carol! Super excited to be apart of the Emag!

JillO said...

I took your monotype class at Create so long ago in Chicago, and recently found my unfinished project while cleaning out my studio. I would love to finish it, and do some more but haven't a clue how the technique is done. It's just been too long to remember. Do you have some resource that I could access (book, mag or video) so I could re-learn this interesting technique? Thanks