Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Arts...July 6th...

In a little over a week's time I'll be at Random Arts in Saluda, North Carolina teaching my workshop
"Batik Tree of Life" ...a wondrous collection of mixed media, paint, canvas, collage birds, and little things.....sign up soon!!

I've never been to the Asheville area...can't wait to see it! My cousin Steve lives there and  is going to "art me to death" ....true story...he said that I'll never want to come home cause there is so much art to see! American Style Magazine called Asheville "#1 in the top 25 small cities" for Art in the USA....winning over Santa Fe, New Mexico!  My fav Book Arts  teacher Daniel Essig lives there too....can't wait to see his incredible book sculptures.

"So much time, so little to do....strike that....reverse it".....
                                           "willy wonka"

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