Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fallbrook Library Book Arts Exhibit

I just returned home after installing my Book Arts Works for the Grand Gala and Opening of the Newly Built Fallbrook Library. It opens to the public next Saturday, January 22th.

This new space is exceptional. The art works alone are incredible and the new outdoor patio will be most popular with readers and artists. Mary Perhacs, Director of the Fallbrook Art Center; personally  invited me to exhibit my Artists Books in 2 plexi display boxes located in the new reading room with an outrageous glass beaded fireplace.

Drive up for the afternoon in a  week or so....have a great cup of coffee at Primos Coffee just down the hill, check out the new library.....oh...and did I mention the new planted roof? Succulents and such......So very cool!

My new Book Arts 8 week class starts next Thursday afternoon from 1 to  4pm
There is still time to register!


Yasmin Sabur said...

Helen, the new library sounds spectacular and can't wait to see your exhibit, which I'm sure is spectacular too! said...

Helen-- I am so excited to be back in your book arts class at Fallbrook. Thanks for the info on the new library.

Helen said...

thanks so much! I'm really excited to have my books exhibited...and I can't wait to teach Book Arts again!