Thursday, December 2, 2010

Patron Saints Collabrative

 I was one of the Artists who participated in the Patron Saints Collabrative Book Arts Project in 2008,09. My book structure is constructed with paper mache, acrylic, inks, watercolor, and found objects. Saint Gertrude is on the right. I chose her because she's the patron saint of guessed it.....Cats, Gardens, and Travelers. Santa Lucia is another saint shown, selected by Laurie Mika St. Lucia is the patron saint of light, who unfortunatly, had her eyes gouged out by some horrible persecutors. She was miraculously still able to see without her eyes. And that is why, In paintings and statues, St. Lucy is frequently shown holding her eyes on a golden plate.

A majority of the works were developed in watermedia with some collage. I’m interested in organic shapes that are surrounded or are housed by geometric calligraphy. Each patron saint is surrounded by icons and symbols representing and supporting the figure. These shapes were sometimes pulled out of the geometric “housing” to create a sense of depth.  

This is the description from the Ukiah Art Center, where our books are currently  on display.
The Patron Saints Project -13 Women, 13 Books Project. Thirteen women artists in southern California and Oregon each made a book or container and chose a Saint. Each book was mailed in a circle for 13 months with each artist making one page in each book. Each book contains 13 Saints either ones recognized by the Catholic Church, or nominated for sainthood with a couple newly created ones. Artists:, Dorte Bistrup, Karen O'Brien, Deb Denton, Andrea Callas Hein, Helen Shafer Garcia, Lisa Guerin, Susanne Knutilla, Lyn Leahy, Laurie Mika , Josie Rodriquez, Cheryl Tall,  Elizabeth Raybee  The books will be on display through January 15. There will be two times during exhibit when viewers will be able to carefully look through parts of the books that will not be visible during the exhibit. Wednesday, December 8 2pm - 6 pm Sunday December 19 12 - 4 pm
Art Center Ukiah, 203 S. State St. Ukiah, 462-1400

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