Thursday, May 27, 2010

fabric paper for Book Arts

fabric paper 1
Originally uploaded by Agave Latte

I taught my Fallbrook School of the Arts Book Arts class how to make this paper today. We used ephemera bits:papers, metal washers that I found near my son's metal shop, hand carved stamp papers, and other great stuff. These were layered and glued between organzia and thin rice papers. Next week we're going to make exposed stitch beaded book using these papers as covers. Delightful!

Speaking of Book Arts, my next class starts soon!

Fallbrook School of the Arts

June 17 - July 15 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Containers and Layers
Construct 2 Housed Recessed Cover books and learn the principles of basic book binding. You'll build and design themed containers for each book using found objects, collage, and paper mache.


Jane LaFazio said...

Organza?? I wanna play! Though with those metal washers, I may not want to machine stitch...

Helen said...

so true about the metal washers....I'm hoping for great rust!