Saturday, September 12, 2009

Huell Howser at Quail Gardens with my painting

My husband and I posed with Huell Howser tonight at the Quail Gardens Gala in Encinitas, CA. Huell gave a heartwarming speech about the fact that it's the ordinary people of CA that make the most interesting stories. So true.... and thanks to Huell for sharing these stories with us. I painted this watercolor for him as part of the Award of Excellence gift. How cool is that?


Margaret Davis said...

You must be so proud of the photo-is it framed and over your bed now???

Helen said...

not yet but it should be!

Jane LaFazio said...

Way cool!! congrats!

Barbara England said...

Dear Helen, I stumbled upon your work through the link when "Plain Jane" was featured in Cloth...Scissors. I am crazy about your work -- the color, whimsy, soul. I hope someday I will get out to CA for one of your classes (a bit of a hike from Champaign-Urbana, IL!) I am curious about your recent work with the rice paper. Is there a tutorial somewhere that you know of that helps with the tearing of the paper? I've tried it with watercolor, but become very frustrated. I look forward to your future posts and artwork. Thanks for sharing your gift with us in cyberspace and the midwest!

Helen said...

Thanks Barbara!
Maybe someday you will be able to make it out to CA.
Tearing of paper: do you mean tearing the paper to size? I like to fold the paper a couple of times to break down the fibers. I use a straightedge that has a cork backing so it won't slip. I hold my hand close to the straightedge and tear the paper towards it.
Hope this helps!