Sunday, May 11, 2008

Warren Ranch Paintout

I was invited to be the Demonstrator for the San Diego Watercolor Society May Paintout at the Warren Ranch near Escondido, CA.
The area is a canvas of golden rolling hills , mustard flowers, oak trees as well as wild turkeys and other creatures seen as we drove to the ranch. The ranch is located at the border of Rancho Guejito, the last remaining intact Mexican land grants. A holdover from the days of the Mexican dons and missions, the Guejito, at more than 21,000 acres contains an intact Mexican Land Grant much as it was when it was created in 1845. I hope that this beautiful land will continue to be preserved for the future.
About 30 artists gathered for a quiet morning taking in all of the beauty. Our hosts and artists provided tons of yummy foods and coffee! Thanks to all for a great adventure!

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