Sunday, April 20, 2008

Asilomar Art and Soul

Heaven on earth.... that is how I describe Asilomar in California. It's located on the Monterey Bay Coast with a front yard of brilliant white sand dunes, verbena and poppy flowers, deer, and the pounding surf. My friend Beth and I attended Art and Soul- an artist's retreat.

Needless to say we had a great time- I took workshops with Daniel Essig, Sally Jean Alexander and Tom Ashman in Book Arts and Soldering.

I discovered that torching to patina copper is fun and takes a little practice.


One Crabapple said...

oh my gosh ! we had the same class together - but your soldering looks much better than mine !

I sat with some girls that had the Dan Essig class and I just loved them and I had not known who Dan was - now I am crazy to try book making. Maybe you are in their book club as I see you are in California and they were all from up and down the Cali coast ! (???)

Your Thomas Ashman book came out wonderful too !

Are you still tired ? I AM ! but I miss the air and the trees !

ps. How I found you was that I had just posted about the trip and decided to google the retreat to see if I could find anyone else that posted about it. HOW FUNNY to find someone I had had the same class with ! ( I sat in the very back corner and I didnt' finish either !)

Helen said...

I can't believe this- you sat next to me!! I remember your cool images and the fact that you came from Burbank - not a valley girl!
I'm not in the book club you mentioned but I teach book arts at Oceanside Museum of Art where I'm currently the director of OMA School of Art.

Daniel Essig is one of the most talented book artists in the contemporary art world- his sculptural books are beautiful.I was so thrilled to be in his workshop.

What a small blog world!

I'm tired too and yes! I miss the cool air, wind and the dunes.

Unknown said...

Your books are amazing. I especially loved the necklace book and can't wait to see it dangling from your neck- it's a real original. The other book that you made with Dan was also captivating. I'm going to sign up for your bookmaking class just to learn to duplicate this structure.